The 10 Best 75 Gallon Aquarium Filters

If you’re used to using smaller tanks, upgrading to a larger one can introduce challenges you may not be used to. Larger tanks are capable of holding more water, which means more water to keep clean for healthy, happy fish.

Unclean water can lead to many health issues in your fish, and it can cause your tank to appear dirty. Having the right sized filter is important in helping keep your water clean and maintaining balance within your tank.

But, if you’ve only had smaller tanks, or this is your first time keeping fish, you may be a little lost. After all, when it comes to looking at the different features of filters, it can be like reading a different language.

That’s why we’ve compiled this complete buying guide to help you pick the best 75 gallon aquarium filter!

The 10 Effective 75 Gallon Aquarium Filters Recommended By Fish Tank Experts:

1. Aqua Clear Fish Tank Filter

Aqua Clear Fish Tank Filter

This hang-on fish tank filter’s designed for tanks ranging from 60 to 110 gallons, making it perfect for 75 gallon tanks. It has several types of media for a biological filter, including activated carbon.

A biological filter works by using beneficial bacteria to clean the water. The bacteria help dissolve waste products like ammonia and recycle them into usable oxygen for your fish.

The Aqua Clear Foam also helps with filtration.CHECK LATEST PRICE

While the bacteria help remove chemical waste such as ammonia, they won’t help with large debris. The foam filter provides mechanical filtration to help remove any debris circulating in your water.

Since this filter hangs on the back of your tank, it will be easy to clean and maintain, allowing for a longer lifespan. On top of that, however, it has a 2-year warranty to offer you some peace of mind.

  • Designed for tanks ranging from 60 to 110 gallons
  • Comes with several types of biological filters including activated carbon
  • Energy-efficient pump for lower operating costs
  • Low noise operation
  • Hangs on back of the tank for easier access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Durable
  • The impeller can be difficult to work with for cleaning and maintenance

2. Polar Aurora 3-Stage Canister Filter

Polar Aurora 3-Stage Canister Filter

This canister filter features three stages for three different types of filtration.

First, it supports chemical filtration. It has a built-in 9 Watt aquarium UV sterilizer that helps kill harmful bacteria and algae that could make your fish sick.

It also supports biological filtration. The bacteria here are protected from the UV sterilizer and are able to recycle ammonia and other waste.

Finally, the Polar Aurora filter also supports mechanical filtration. This will remove any nonbiological debris such as dirt and trash from your water.

It offers a maximum flow rate of 370 GPH. This means that it can support your 75 gallon tank as well as several fish.

With an adjustable spray bar and self-priming pump, the Polar Aurora filter is designed to be as hassle-free as possible. It also undergoes pressurized water testing for leaks to make sure it’s ready for use right out the box.

Due to this pressurized water testing, however, your filter may arrive with some condensation in the canister. This is nothing to worry about.

Some customers complain of noisy operation, but Polar Aurora offers a troubleshooting guide to aid in any issue. For loud noises, check and make sure the impeller is clean and running properly.

  • The maximum flow rate of 370 GPH that is perfect for 75 gallon tanks
  • A 3-stage canister that supports biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration
  • 9 Watt UV sterilizer to help keep the water clean
  • Self-priming pump hassle-free maintenance
  • Adjustable spray bar
  • Pressurized water testing to ensure that there are no leaks
  • Occasional noisy operation
  • Condensation may be in the canister on arrival due to testing

3. Marineland Emperor Bio-Wheel Power Filter

Marineland Emperor Bio-Wheel Power Filter

While a bit on the louder side, the Marineland Emperor Bio-Wheel filter offers an innovative way to get wet and dry biological filtration.

It has a maximum flow rate of 400 GPH and is designed for tanks up to 80 gallons. As a result, this is a great option for your 75 gallon tank.

For filtration, it offers a multistage system that supports chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration. This ensures that your water is getting as clean as possible for your marine ecosystem.

It attaches to the back rim of your tank. Because of this, you’ll be able to easily access the filter for cleaning and repairs, lengthening the lifespan.

You can also purchase replacement cartridges whenever needed, making repairs and maintenance a breeze.

  • Rotating bio-wheel for wet and dry biological filtration
  • Maximum flow rate of 400 GPH designed for tanks up to 80 gallons
  • Multistage filtration for chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration
  • Attaches to back rim of the tank for easy access and maintenance
  • Replacement cartridges are available
  • Louder than average operation

4. Fluval Canister Filter

Fluval Canister Filter

When it comes to innovation and ease of use, the Fluval canister filter aims for the best user experience.

First, it has a multistage filtration process. This helps ensure that your water is getting as clean as possible by running through several types of media.

It’s also designed to be easy to clean and maintenance.

It uses Smart Pump Technology to make sure it performs at the best rate possible. It also has an anti-clog strainer and purge valve with a drain hole.

If you’re worried about it being too small for your 75 gallon tank, don’t be! This filter can support aquariums up to 400 gallons, making 75 gallons a breeze.

  • Multistage filtration process for clean, clear water
  • Innovative Smart Pump Technology for optimal performance
  • Self-starting filter for hassle-free installation and setup
  • Designed for aquariums up to 400 gallons
  • Anti-clog strainer for constant water flow
  • Purge valve with drain hole for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Noisy operation

5. Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter

Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter

The Penn Plax Cascade canister filter comes in 8 different purchasing options so you can pick the best size for your tank. It’s also designed to filter both fresh and saltwater.

It offers a 3 stage filtration process to ensure that your water is as clean as possible. To get you started, it includes a free floss pad and a free coarse sponge both mechanical and biological filtration.

This filter is designed to be as durable as possible to withstand wear and tear and prevent flooding. After all, flooding is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to investing in a canister filter.

All of the hoses are designed to be as secure as possible, and the valves are secured by four locking clamps. This means that you can filter your water with a sense of peace of mind.

  • 8 different purchasing options
  • Designed for freshwater or marine water up to 100 gallons
  • Includes free floss pad and a coarse sponge for mechanical and biological filtration
  • 3 stage filtration process
  • Designed to be durable and secure with four locking clamps
  • Can be difficult to reach customer service

6. Fluval Performance Canister Filter

Fluval Performance Canister Filter

Looking to lower your carbon footprint while keeping your aquarium clean? The Fluval Performance canister is designed to be as energy-efficient as possible.

It’s low power and cost-efficient but doesn’t sacrifice its filtering abilities. In fact, it can generate a filtration rate of up to 383 GPH – perfect for a 75 gallon tank.

The reinforced canister is designed to be sturdy and stand up against wear and tear. With this, you won’t have to worry as much about leaks and punctures that could lead to a minor house flood.

This is an innovative model that has taken customer concerns to improve. This means that it’s more durable, more reliable, and even quieter than previous models.

The only downside is that this filter doesn’t come with a spray bar. However, you can purchase one to go with it for easy cleaning.

  • Energy-efficient for low power, lower-cost operation
  • Generates a range of 145 to 383 GPH
  • Innovated models designed for better durability and reliability
  • Reinforced canister for reduced leaks and punctures
  • Designed to be quieter than previous models
  • Does not come with a spray bar, though one can be purchased

7. Aqueon Quiet Flow LED Pro Aquarium Filter

Aqueon Quiet Flow LED Pro Aquarium Filter

One of the best parts of the Aqueon Quiet Flow, other than its quiet operation, is its self-priming ability. This means that if your power was to go out for some reason, your filter will start itself back up.

This offers you some peace of mind in case you are away from home. No matter what, you’ll know your water is clean and your fish are happy.

The LED indicator is another big help. The small light lets you know when your filter cartridge needs to be replaced, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

It has a four-stage filtration system that keeps your water as clean as possible. Also, the high flow rate increases aeration and oxygenation.

  • 6 different purchasing options to best fit your tank
  • Self-priming
  • LED indicators assists during maintenance by flashing when the cartridge needs changing
  • Internal pump design ensures quiet operation
  • Higher flow rates increase dissolved oxygen content in water
  • Four-stage filtration system
  • Included sample filters are not as high of quality as the replacements

8. Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter

Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter

This filter is submerged for an easy start-up. It offers a three-stage filtration system and uses a micron cartridge to polish your water.

With a filtration rate of 290 GPH, it’s designed for tanks up to 97 gallons. This makes it perfect for a 75 gallon tank.

The biggest downside is the short power cord that limits your flexibility when setting up your filter. Of course, that can be fixed with a sturdy cord lengthener.

  • Submerged motor for quick and easy startup
  • Includes micron cartridge for high-efficiency polishing
  • Designed for tanks up to 97 gallons with a filtration rate of 290 GPH
  • Can use either a carbon filter or customized filter media
  • Three-stage filtration (biological, mechanical, and chemical) plus water polishing
  • Short power cord limits setup flexibility
  • Difficult to use with diatomaceous earth despite instructions

9. EHEIM Classic Canister Filter

EHEIM Classic Canister Filter

The EHEIM filter is a really a 5-in-1 system. It offers three types of filtration – biological, mechanical, and chemical – as well as aeration and oxygenation.

As a result, this filter works hard to make sure your water is the absolute best it can be.

It has a flow rate of 164 GPH and is available in three different purchasing options.

  • Three purchasing options ranging from filters for 40 to 92 gallons
  • Has a flow rate of 164 GPH
  • Can support biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration
  • Flow rate is designed for aeration and oxygenation as well
  • Compact and certain models come with a stand
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to get clogged and needs regular cleaning

10. Marineland Magniflow Aquarium Canister Filter

Marineland Magniflow Aquarium Canister Filter

Last but not least, the Marineland Magniflow offers a high flow rate with little to no hassle.

It has a three-stage filtration system, and the media baskets are easy to remove. This means that cleaning is a breeze.

Just keep an eye on the hoses during maintenance as they can become loose.

  • Three purchasing options with normal or frustration-free packaging
  • Three-stage filtration for clean and clear water
  • The flow rate depends on purchase option and ranges from 220 to 360 GPH
  • Easy to remove and clean media baskets for hassle-free maintenance
  • Hoses can easily become loose during maintenance or cleaning

Buying Guide – Everything You Need to Know to Pick the Best 75 Gallon Aquarium Filter

Why should I buy an aquarium filter?

Before investing in a filter, you’re probably wondering if you even really need one. After all, fish in the wild don’t have filters, right?

You see, in a small enclosed environment like a tank, it’s easy for waste materials to build up. In the wild, there’s more space for waste products to move to, along with natural filtration.

So, why should you buy a filter?

First, a quality filter can help reduce water waste. When your water is being cleaned by a filter, then you won’t have to do full or partial water replacements as often.

As mentioned above, filters also produce cleaner, healthier water. Filters help remove waste products like ammonia which leads to algae buildup as well as aerate the water with oxygen.

What to Consider

A lot goes into choosing the best 75 gallon fish tank filter. Here are some of the main things to consider when shopping.

Flow Rate

This can be one of the more confusing parts of picking out a filter. After all, if you haven’t had a filter before, you may not know what GPH means.

GPH stands for gallons per hour. This is how many gallons of water your filter filters in a single hour.

The higher the number, the stronger the filter. As an example, a 150 GPH filter will filter 150 gallons of water every hour.

It is recommended that you filter your entire tank 4 times every hour. As a result, for a 75 gallon tank, a good filter would be one with 300 GPH power.


One of the most obvious things to consider is size. After all, a larger tank has more water, which means you’ll need a stronger filter to keep it properly cleaned.

As mentioned above, the size of your tank in gallons dictates how strong of a filter you need.


Believe it or not, but the fish in your aquarium actually play a big role in the type of filter you will need.

First, you need to think about how many fish – as well as other critters like snails and shrimp – you have. Each animal in your tank produces waste in the form of ammonia and feces, and it’s important to filter these out.

You also need to think about the size of your fish. This can go both ways.

First, small fish have a chance of getting sucked into the filter if the GPH is too high. Big fish, however, need a strong filter in order to make up for their biomass.

If you have a mixed tank, it’s important to find a balance. In this case, experimentation is key to finding the best filter.

Finally, you need to take into consideration the type of fish in your aquarium. Saltwater and freshwater fish, as well as different species, will need different levels of filtration.

Type of Filter

Finally, there are different types of filters to think about when shopping around for your tank. Each filter is unique, so you should also consider some ubiquitous aspects.

First, what are maintenance and cleaning like? The last thing you want is a filter that is high maintenance and requires regular attention.

Not only is a high maintenance filter a hassle for you, but it can also affect your fish. Too much disturbance can cause them to become stressed.

You’ll also need to consider setting up your new filter. Certain filters need different setups

Finally, you’ll have different types of media to consider. From carbon filters to ceramic rings, you’ll have a lot of options, each one with their own pros and cons.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

What is the best filter for a 75 gallon aquarium?

The best filter keeps the tank clean, helps avoid frequent water replacements, and maintains a healthy environment for your fish.

For a 75 gallon tank, especially one with a lot of fish, will need to be strong. It’ll have to be strong enough to clean fish food and waste, plant waste, and ammonia.

Remember, a good rule of thumb is that the best filter will turn over your aquarium 4 times in an hour.

What is the best canister filter for a 75 gallon tank?

The best canister filter for a 75 gallon tank will need to meet the same criteria as a regular filter. It’ll need to be the right strength for your tank and your fish while also keeping the water clean and healthy.

How many GPH does a 75 gallon tank need?

As mentioned above, it is recommended that your filter cycles your entire tank four times an hour. This means that your 75 gallon tank will need at least a 300 GPH filter, although this number varies based on biomass.

How many fish can I put in a 75 gallon tank?

How many fish will fit in your tank depends on the size of the fish. The best rule of thumb is 1 fish per gallon of water.

This means that if you have fish that grow up to five inches, you can have 15 fish. If you have fish that only grow up to 3 inches, you could have up to 25 fish.

Just make sure to keep an eye on your tank. Make sure that your fish are healthy and your tank is clean and clear.

What do you need for a 75 gallon fish tank?

Fish most definitely! Jokes aside, you should definitely invest in some quality equipment.

Some essential equipment includes things such as a filter and light. Then, depending on the types of fish you have, you may want to consider purchasing things like aquarium heater.

In order to help mimic your fish’s natural habitat, you’ll also want to purchase decorations. rocks, aquarium caves, plants – life and fake, and statues are great options to make a tank feel a bit more like home.


Investing in a quality filter that’s right for your tank can really make a difference. For tanks as large as 75 gallons, filters become even more important.

Filters work to keep you water clean of any waste products while also helping return oxygen to the water. The result is clean and clear water as well as healthy fish.

However, it can be tricky to pick out the right filter. Make sure to do your research and plan accordingly based on the type, size, and number of fish you plan to have.

Your fish will appreciate the time you put into ensuring they have a healthy, safe environment.